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  1. bukzWildAF

    Do All Cracked Anti-Detect Browser Downloads Come With Trojans?

    It seems like every Cracked Anti-Detect Browser download I run across has trojans stuffed in it... Any recommendations for a virus free copy?
  2. Gor510

    Linken Sphere - antidetect browser of new generation

    Если ваша работа - партнерские программы, рекламные и социальные сети, покер-румы, казино, букмекеры, форекс, бинарные опции, магазины, банки, платежные системы, клиентские программы - этот браузер для вас.
  3. M

    Thoughts on Anti-Detect and configs

    I'm relatively new to using Anti-Detect and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about it on here and their success rate with using it. I'm currently using version 7.1 and was wondering if anyone has been using any of the later versions and if they could share any opinions on those...
  4. dmgjwt302

    Best setup

    Like I said, this is all new to me ... and Im still trying to get the setup. When I card, it goes through at first but then I get the dreaded cancellation email. WTH! am I doing wrong? Anybody wanna share what you use Os? browser? SOCKS? RDP? virtual machine? VPN? Antidetect? Fraudfox? I...
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