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  1. M

    Walmart Pickers needed

    I'm a carder , i need walmart pickers to make cash with . My telegram @Wisemickey and icq @741348575 . I also sell walmart accounts,bestbuy, paypal logs,cc and amazon acconts.
  2. S

    kill it guyss!!!!

    hi guys I found something while doing dork research this site using payment method stripe i tryed steam 100 usd and gave instantly another products tryed sent my mail 37 minutes later you can try stripe very successfully https://gifterx. com (delete gap)
  3. S

    I found the SMS routing programmmmmmmmmmmm

    I found the SMS routing programmmmmmmmmmmm I just found the 3D BYPASS method... With this method you can quickly process the card without 3D there is some method of using it describes in the video youtube . watch?v=UJk7GYFr6Nc Notice the site you use sometimes doesn't work because of the site
  4. G


    Good day to all! Step to comment on the post I am in a complicated economic situation, before exercising carding, but for lack of money I can not get cc's, I would need some kind of work, no matter what kind or amount of the payment, I just need to raise money to buy cc's. Thank you very much to...
  5. sopranos452


    im looking for an experinced carder to split profits. Am able to provide high quality avs confirmed cards and luxsocks proxies. Message me if your interested i have icq and jabber (no time wasters). Thanks
  6. H

    Please help advise me the good card , Marketplace for buying

    Hello, I want to buy the good CCV can register Azure microsoft free trial account. I've try with some card but not success, Please help to advise me how to find the good card to use for this site. thanks
  7. F

    Credit Card

    Please Could you give me a credit card?


    Mostly used for Xfinity method (contact me for method) these scans can be used for verification of any account or profile. They have all worked perfectly. Use them for new credit cards, online accounts etc. Pricing is less than $100 a scan, full package. CONTACT ME ON TG to work. Proof is...
  9. K

    Ask EMV Machine Clone

    I Need Emv machine for clone chip card, not clone magnetic card If you have please email me at thankyou.
  10. G

    Carders intro Need a jstash invite!

    Yo what's up guys,I am looking for a jstash invite goood ! help will be appreciated . Pm if you got one . Please Please Please help !
  11. I

    eGift cards - Any cardable sites?

    Hello Dear Member We Have Some Special Offers From Our Verified Sellers . Click Here To See
  12. T

    Help what did i do wrong?

    i got fresh live cvv info got a paid vpn and used a proxy from the holder his area tried to make a purchase from a cardable site for $50-70 and it got declined? can someone tell me what i did wrong or what i should do? im kinda confused i did everything what i learned and read up on from...
  13. Z

    Need help to carding Denmark

    Hello, i need help to carding, i live in denmark
  14. U

    MSR606 problem

    Hey guys, i bought a MSR606 but it's not reading the CVV correcty. All the rest is reading right but the CVV not. What am i doing wrong? Can anybody help me?
  15. W

    Need partners with US Drops.....90k in 2 months!

    I need someone with good US drops. I have a method that will make alot of money. Already made 14k now i need to expand Hit me up on wickr if interested wickrid: bishopluchiano
  16. O

    Credit Card Fraud - Beginners Guide [PDF]

    Download Guide:
  17. bukzWildAF

    Need Assistance w/ anonymous Banking and Check-by-phone processing

    I need to know the best way to set up a US based, strictly online bank account (I have fullz w/ color copies of State ID and SS Ccards), which will be used to process ACH drafts (check by phone), and then cashed out to an anonymous ATM card with a high dollar amount per day Any assistance will...
  18. R

    I couldv'e been rich... *Help, I have lawyer Fees!*

    *Please someone get back to me with some guidance ASAP.. I have to pay my lawyer fees tomorrow LOL* Well, i could have been in some nice foreign country with a Latina Babe not worrying about anything money can buy... But instead, you can catch me throwing tantrums in my room after a Bank...
  19. S

    Help / partenership with carding

    Hello , i know the basics of carding but i need help to do it . If someone can help me pls add me on skype : mateias109
  20. N

    Beginner Carder need help or mentor. Please help

    I'm no to carding. And would like some help shaping my skills. A mentor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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