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  1. Hacks4cash

    E-GiftCard New Tutorial *April 2020*

    E-GiftCard New Tutorial *April 2020* This is not a get rich quick scheme, for real carders and scammers this is a lifestyle, however carding giftcards is one of the eaisest way to get clean cash. You can sell the cards in exchange for BTC at many websites. This method is 100% working and very...
  2. G

    Carders intro Need a jstash invite!

    Yo what's up guys,I am looking for a jstash invite goood ! help will be appreciated . Pm if you got one . Please Please Please help !
  3. E

    Carders intro GiftCard

    Someone who has giftcard for amazon?
  4. I

    looking for a blessing.. [email protected]

    23 yr old female.. looking to get into this game. what are the rules. the ins and the outs.. not looking for money just information. teach me. and ill show my generosity. and no. nothing is to be repeated. everything deleted.
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