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  1. Sandy.-.169

    How to card anything perfectly

    • 5. To start, it is essential to know some terms and tools to use. • 6. CREDIT CARD (CC): Card issued by a bank that allows certain operations to be carried out from an ATM and the purchase of goods and services on credit; it is generally made of plastic and has a magnetic stripe on one side...
  2. O

    Urgent need of Working Mastercard

    In need of a working mastercard for one time use only, please can anyone of you help me :( I will be very thankful.
  3. TobyCCC

    Visa and Mastercards for ATM usage with USD $2500 daily withdrawel limits!

    Hi to all you fellow carders! My "name" is Toby, I do carding, and have done so for over a decade on 2 specific onion markets - some of you might recognize my name! My ICQ UIN IS: Thus I am not new in this game, just new here on DarkPro. I am here to offer my cards and services to all you...
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