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  1. J

    Using MSR605 with dumps. Need help with format

    Can anyone help me with the settings and spacing so that the card is read right?
  2. frankbins666

    seperate track one and two

    B4029445165150943^MACLEOD/ SAMANTHA ^2009201000000348000000222000000*4029445165150943=20092010000022200348*VISA*CLASSIC*TD BANK, N.A.*DEBIT*USA*USA, NY*09.27.17 DUMPS FOR REAL KINGS*$15 and idk what to copy and pase for track one. do i need to include the name n shit? the word visa? idk any...
  3. frankbins666


    hey guys noob carder here, just wondering if anyone else has use the msr605x magstripe reader/writer. ngot a few questions reguarding how it works i have linux (ubuntu) can seem to get the software to work on my computer. i tried using wine, but wine wont detect the msr usb! any suggestions or...
  4. C

    Easymsr instructions

    I am I am new to this and need instructions on how to apply information on the easy MSR reader if anybody could give me some step by step you much appreciated
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