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    CC And Socks Premium Shops Available At Cheap Rates (Reputed On Nulled And Hackforums) CC Shops: Cvv2finder Unicc (Loaded / Active) ValidCC VMAD ( Jshop Yalelodge (Active) BestValid (LOADED/ACTIVE) ZunoStore (Active) Fullzstore JSTASH PrimeCC N1shop...
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    SEO marketing Partner

    hello darkpro members..i know about SEO. actually i'm here to find some partner can supply me a few things.hopefully from us and canada. need trusted members and i will make you dance . hit me at jabberq:
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    Carders intro Socks proxy seller

    Hi all. I have lots of USA socks proxies. I want to sell them all. Of course first i will give you for free. 10$ per one. My ICQ:
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    Carders intro Hallo Darkpro, do you need some socks proxy? :*

    Hi all friends. If you need some socks proxy, this is my ICQ (under). I'm a socks proxy seller and I want to have a BUSINESS. Of course you can test my socks. First two socks will be for free. Just say some country. ICQ:
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    Beginner Carder need help or mentor. Please help

    I'm no to carding. And would like some help shaping my skills. A mentor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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