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  1. S

    Scammer fraudbuddy on darkmarket ripper scammer

    fraudbuddy fraud buddy on darkmarket is ripper and scammer selling cashapp with balanc with hardest 2fa you can't bypass never never and he is winer in Dispute stay away from ripper
  2. S

    Scammer @lukeman417 @uniccadmi scammer ripper

    @uniccadmi @lukeman417 stay away from this as.s.ho.le scammer
  3. S

    Scammer keem $ @HakeemGreen scammer scam ripper mother fucker stay away from ripper

    keem $ @HakeemGreen scammer scam ripper mother fucker stay away from ripper
  4. S

    Scammer scammer ripper Russian Carder (ID packs) @ruscarding

    @ruscarding on telegram scamer ripper stay away from this as.s.ho.le
  5. S

    Scammer, reddit is shifted on new domain and they are 100% scammer and ripper forum and shop. I have paid $100 after watching there positive feedback on many forums but they sent me all dead cvv data. Admin is not answering me and my account is also blocked from the shop. I will spread...
  6. darktech

    Scammer New Ripster* Still Active Here*

    Henry456 ain bout that Life. Hes a Ripper. And he' has active threads still on site Hery456 owner of the group chat CORCORAN SKIMMERS Skimmed45 he's the one in the same as all 87 members of his chat group. Don't go for it darktech we killing em
  7. D

    Scammer <---- big scammer

    Today after i sent him 275 usd btc for paypal balance transfer service, he is not response me until more 6 hours, and he blocked my icq... here is his detail: ICQ #91199999 email: [email protected] Hope anyone here not being his victim, becareful, avoid this little bastard
  8. E

    Scammer (emvchipso software is a ripper SCAMMER) i contact this guy and tray to buy his software and he made me a life demo but in fact the transaction demo over the pos use fake since he is using a verifone offline skimmer pos to make the demo he will also accept escrow on some forums...
  9. B

    Scammer fake scam software v8.6

    hello i got ripped 2000 euro v 8.6 non working software from this company do not use !! WARNING EMV GLOBAL SOLUTION IS SCAM COMPANY!
  10. simongrey3662

    Scammer Ripper Update is ripper be safe
  11. toniubi

    authenticshop RIPPER FLAGGED as outLIST him

    He completely ripped me off my 50euros. Immediately I sent him he went offline.
  12. D

    CARDER007 Ripper

    dont do business with this guy ripped me for 300 usd from bitcoin payment
  13. S

    does anybody know if the guys at cardingx are scammers?

    Trying to find a legit wu transfer situation....beeen scammed bfore...thanks
  14. A

    William of!!!

    Pals, please do not go to You will got ripped, by their *TRUSTED SELLERS!* i made a deal on william this morning because i really need money. I talked to him on icq, we did agree that with my last cash, he will transfer $600 via WU. So i took chance, my last $85. I...
  15. L

    Watch out for new guy JAMES BULLET.. he is a ''RIPPER'' ICQ 667608102

    New guy in our site is asking to try his stuff and that he has good prices. ICQ 667608102 goes by Jack Warsaw profile, He is a smooth Ripper to the end.. Guys be aware.. he will take your money and pretend that he is busy..:mad:
  16. G

    Pro Vendor 674373210 is ripper on pro-vendors forum

    Pro Vendor on the forum is a ripper. He ripped me and I also informed admin about the deal but admin Dark Star did not do anything. When I posted it in scammers thread I was banned so it seems that the whole forum is a ripper. I was also using escrow service on this forum and...
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