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track 1

  1. R

    I couldv'e been rich... *Help, I have lawyer Fees!*

    *Please someone get back to me with some guidance ASAP.. I have to pay my lawyer fees tomorrow LOL* Well, i could have been in some nice foreign country with a Latina Babe not worrying about anything money can buy... But instead, you can catch me throwing tantrums in my room after a Bank...
  2. frankbins666

    seperate track one and two

    B4029445165150943^MACLEOD/ SAMANTHA ^2009201000000348000000222000000*4029445165150943=20092010000022200348*VISA*CLASSIC*TD BANK, N.A.*DEBIT*USA*USA, NY*09.27.17 DUMPS FOR REAL KINGS*$15 and idk what to copy and pase for track one. do i need to include the name n shit? the word visa? idk any...
  3. frankbins666


    hey guys noob carder here, just wondering if anyone else has use the msr605x magstripe reader/writer. ngot a few questions reguarding how it works i have linux (ubuntu) can seem to get the software to work on my computer. i tried using wine, but wine wont detect the msr usb! any suggestions or...
  4. N

    Latest Alixpress Carding Method (2016)

    RDP from UK (Tested and work with premium HMA vpn) - CC Full Info (UK) - Your Info's (name,surname,addres,city,country,state,zip, etc.) 1) Find a nice UK RDP . 2) Login to your RDP via Remote Desktop Connection. 3) Start the web browser (mozilla firefox, chrome, opera ...) and clear the...
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