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    So as we all know now sites like EMPIRE, JSTASH and UNICC are getting more and more unreliable as their stash is getting low on quality and more in quantity. I have many clients who recommended me to post a thread here for new people that are looking to avoid scams and looking to buy legit things to get a move on with their fraudulent activities.

    You can add me on telegram if you have any pending questions ( Note - I am not an instructor to those who do not already know what they are doing , also my time is limited to chatting. Please keep it simple and short if its not mandatory info. I have many clients thus I will not be able to repeatedly inform you on minor information that you yourself should have a basic understanding of. Refunds are only available to clients who explain to me what their situation is and we agree on those terms. People who waste my time will get no response. I get spammed everyday with nonsense so please be respectful and thoughtful , I have a busy schedule and i am not available 24/7 ( I have a life ) so keep that in mind. )

    * Telegram *

    - @realmvp73

    * Here is a list of my available services for sale -

    - Non VBV Bin List For Specific Sites and Methods

    - Fresh CCV's

    - Fresh FULLZ

    - DUMPS

    - Transfers

    - Fraud Bible 2019 Updated 38GB

    - X Files ( Compilation Of Everything You Need To Know From Online Carding - Real Life Swiping ) 74GB

    - 1 Working Gift Card Method as of 11/30/19

    - 1 Working Cash App Method as of 11/30/19 * HOT *

    - 1 Working Venmo Method as of 11/30/19

    - 1 Working Robinhood Method as of 11/30/19 With Bot Script

    * - More Methods Upon Request *

    * Main Shopping Sites Methods That Are Working as of 11/30/19

    - Nike

    - Amazon

    - Apple - Instore Method Available

    - Adidas

    - BestBuy - Only Instore

    - Walmart - Instore Method Available

    - Target - Instore Method Available

    - Ssense

    - Stockx

    - ATT - Only Instore

    * - Many More Available Upon Request *

    * Accounts For Sale

    - Chase

    - BOA

    - Wells Fargo

    - Paypal

    - Venmo

    - Accounts ( Over 5,000 Socks )

    - 3 Year VPN Accounts

    * - Many More Available Upon Request *

    * To Any New People Looking To Get Into Anything Fraudulent Related Here Is 1 Free Link I Can Provide To The General Public. Here Below Is A DN Forum Dedicated To Keep Rippers Away.

    - Dreadditevelidot.onion

    ( Bonus )

    - Real Empire Link ( For People Who Would Rather Shop On Empire ) * I DONT RECCOMMEND *

    - empiremktxgjovhm.onion

    - Contact Info

    Telegram @Realmvp73
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